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    In 1975, Richard and Myron Smith began selling feed at Smith Bros. Inc. to friends and acquaintances. As word of their feed business grew, an addition was put on to the existing Feed Room to handle the larger volume of sales. With the addition to The Feed Room came two massive Saint Bernard’s named Barry and Trinket, who were sure to greet customers with wagging tales. Richard Smith always had raccoons that would nest near the building, and soon enough they too became pets in The Feed Room.

    With business continuing to grow, Dave Lenaberg was hired in 1990 to run The Feed Room. The Feed Room’s first box truck was purchased in 1995, allowing a feed route to be established for further customer convenience. Following in Barry and Trinket’s pawprints, Dave introduced Lacey, the lovable Yellow Lab, to The Feed Room in 2004. After many years of service together, Dave and Lacey both retired from The Feed Room on December 31, 2018.

    In 2019, Christina Salerno was hired to take charge of The Feed Room. 2019 also brought the addition of Zoey and Riley, a brother and sister feline duo. The Feed Room is still constantly expanding in product lines and services, and remains a reliable, steady source for animal nutrition in Northeast Ohio.

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    Christina Salerno

    ​Christina started in The Feed Room as a full-time Sales Associate in July of 2019. She graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a specialization in Livestock Production. In addition to her education, Christina has a background in 4-H and FFA. Her previous experience includes judging livestock and horses, showing horses, cattle, and sheep, and feeding a variety of fair animals. An animal lover at heart, she also owns two horses, three dogs, and one cat. Christina would be more than happy to help you find the perfect feed for your four-legged, furry friends! ​

    Zoey and Riley Smith

    Zoey and Riley are The Feed Room’s very own mouse enforcers and quality assurance team. Rescued from the Medina County SPCA, Zoey and Riley are an unstoppable, and lovable, brother-sister duo. However, these two are no ordinary cats! Zoey and Riley are polydactyl, meaning they have an extra toe on their front paws, making it look as if they have thumbs. In their off time (which is roughly 23 hours per day), you will find them lounging around various spots throughout the farm, eagerly waiting for head and belly scratches from our customers.